Enterprise Solutions

"Software Services, Maintenance of Existing portal or Software Development"

Enterprise Solutions

We have designed our self to raise your business high. We have an accelerated workflow environment. With the help of latest technologies we accelerate casual workflow that helps to enhance your customer relation. Moreover, we have inter-departmental synchronization where data exchange is smooth and transparent.

At Blue Space IT solution, we have active processes and activities that help in the synchronization method. Leading to a new innovation additionally, we provide real-time information exchange. We possess a special quality of our customers. In the growing competitive world, we understand that certain issues like:

  • Necessity to streamline the workflow with the collaboration between the employees and internal administration.
  • Requirement of excessive manpower to take care of different system.
  • Obligation of high technology to heed growing data.
  • Requirement of Systematic information of the customers and business.

Our service and Assistance

Core and Consultative Services:
1. Software as a Service (SaaS)

We provide Software as a Service to start up companies and also to the settled industries. With our experience in this industry, we understand the best strategies and implement the same so that you get highest ROI. Blue space IT solution deeply recognises the software licensing with software distribution model that is a niche application which will help you to enhance customer’s business requirements and processes.

2. ERP Services

We provide you with ERP services that help to:

  • Increase operational efficiency
  • Enhance customer satisfaction
  • Boost up your business
  • Framework to your complete business
  • Manage your inventories

Our ERP function will combine all the business functions like, inventory, sales, accounting, purchase management, customer support service, human resource management, logistics, and software all under one framework. This takes away your daily business pressure and enriches your decision making ability.

3. Advanced Analytics

If you are looking for consolidated information of your customers and business then analytics is the best service to help you out. Advanced analytics gives a portrait to how to take your business to the apex. It has a superior quality to predict what is the current demand of the customers or their future requirements and what exactly you can do to match up the requirements. We provide the advanced analytics set up that will aid you for being eminent.

Enhanced Services
  • Web and Mobile
    Blue IT solution understands that customer is amazed by the choice of latest developing tools that are required for application modernization, cloud readiness and to deliver the best functionality. We have not only implemented large-scale applications but also mobile application and ERP applications.
  • Cloud Solutions
    We provide multi cloud with multi-vendor management platform. Cloud solutions aids to perform automate portability between private and public clouds. We understand the necessity of adding workloads to the correct place, as only then you will get optimum performance output and automatic scalability when you are in need of it. With no hesitation, this service will lead you to great positive transition with a class security.
  • Big Data Analytics service
    Extracting quality of data from a pile of terabytes of business data every day, is not an easy task. Getting fast interpretation of the data that would make sense is another robust step. We understand the need of data analytics as it provides a platform to understand market behaviour and analyses future market trends. This statement it self-states that how important is Big Data Analytics service to raise your business high. Therefore we ensure to deliver meaningful information that is relevant to your business.

Our Maintenance and Support service can be characterized into the following:

1. Corrective
We provide corrective software services that includes correction of:

  • Coding Errors
  • Logic Errors
  • Designing Error
  • Bugs
  • Wrong algorithm

2. Adaptive
We provide an option of making changes to the existing functions of your software application. We foster modifications in:

  • Integration of New OS
  • Alteration of Localizations and Regulations
  • Changing the Data Format
  • Changing Hardware Configurations

3. Preventive
We take precautionary measure as per

  • Past manifestations
  • Customers’ Feedback

Contact us for more information. Our team will be happy to help and our expert will get in touch without delay.